Thursday, October 28, 2010

Equestrian Continues Lead In Region After CU English Show

FORT LUPTON, Colo. (10/25/10) - The University of Colorado equestrian team continues to hold the lead in their region after another successful weekend of competition at the CU English Show at Fall River Farm.

Colorado finished runner up as the reserve high point team behind the University of Nebraska at Lincoln on Saturday and tied for the high point team with the Huskers on Sunday.

"We are really excited about this year and the determination that all the girls have," said CU vice president Anna Bohlin. "It really shows too in our results. We really made a statement this weekend that we are hungry for wins."

Sophomore rider Karly Hobbs helped the Buffs tie the Cornhuskers on Sunday with her gaining the most individual points to finish as the high point rider.

Also on Sunday freshman Ari Gino had a tremendous debut in fall competition with her being in contention for the reserve high point rider until the last class. She missed the second place finish by one point with a University of Wyoming rider taking the honor.

However Gino's first outing was solid all around with her taking first in two of her classes and second in another.

Coming into the weekend CU senior Jen Burke led the region as the Cachione rider, which is the rider with the most points in the open division that represents the region at nationals. She had a 12 point cushion entering the CU English Show, but she missed a day of competition in order to compete back east in the New England Finals.

With a one day advantage, Wyoming rider Liz Webb caught up to Burke and currently holds the lead with 40 points. Burke and fellow CU rider, freshman Kaley Silipo are close behind Webb with them both trailing by just one point.

CU team president Andi Fieger said she expects the Buffs to be back on top in the Cachione standings by the end of the season.

"I think that our riders will grab the lead after the next horse show," Fieger said. "We have two really strong riders. I am confident if one of them grabs the title for Cachione for our region that CU will be well represented at nationals."

The next Western Show that CU will compete in will be at Laramie County Community College in Wyoming on Nov. 6-7. The Buffs next English show will be at the University of Nebraska at Omaha on Nov. 13-14.