Thursday, April 26, 2012

Colorado Baseball Defeats Rams By One

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (04/26/2012) — The University of Colorado baseball team squared off against in-state rival the Colorado State University Rams on Saturday at Security Service Field, winning 6-5.

This is the Buffs second victory against the Rams, improving their record against CSU to 2-7 and their mark on the overall season to 7-19. This record includes games against junior colleges that are a higher level of competition than club sports.

Conor Vidulich pitched for the Buffs, and threw all nine innings. The Buffs racked up 14 hits in the game and were able to hold off the Rams for the entirety of the contest, contributing to their successful win against the Rams.

“The team was lucky enough to be supported by numerous fans that made the two-hour drive to the game,” said Captain Ben Fuchs. “We fought hard and played the game all the way to the end.”

The Buffs next meeting will be against Northern Colorado on May 1st at Nelson Park in Johnstown, Colo. If they are able to combat UNC they will have a good chance to make the postseason.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Triathlon Wins 13th National Championship

TUSCALOOSA, Ala.—National championship lucky number 13 has been acquired. On Saturday, April 21st   in Tuscaloosa, Ala., the University of Colorado Triathlon Team successfully defended its 2010 and 2011 national championships; sweeping the men’s, women’s and overall team competitions. The men’s team recorded the low score of 25, while the girls accumulated just 75 points. The combined total of 100 points was also good enough for the combined team victory.

CU sent 32 athletes to Tuscaloosa in defense of its 2010 and 2011 national championships. Twelve men and 11 women competed in the championship races consisting of a 1,500m swim, 40km bike, and 10km run.

Four of the 12 men in the championship race finished in the top 20. Second year graduate student Rudy Kahsar led the men in a time of 1:54:59, finishing 2nd overall; just 26 seconds behind the winner McLarty (UC-Irvine). Rounding out the scoring for CU were juniors Drew Scott (5th place, 1:56:42) Chris Braden (6th place, 1:57:22), and sophomore David Bobka (15th place, 2:00:39).

Junior Tess Amer was the first Buffalo across the line for the women, finishing in a time of 2:19:50, which was good enough for 12th place. Less than a minute behind Tess was sophomore Bryn Morales who finished 16th with a time of 2:20:36. Just two spots back in 18th was junior Courtney Clark in a time of 2:21:05. The final scoring female was junior Caryn Maconi (35th, 2:24:54).

In addition to the championship race, five CU athletes participated in the open race (following the same championship course) and a team of four in the Mixed-Relay event.

Freshman Jak Hamilton led the way for the Buffs, finishing the open race in 3rd place with a time of 2:10:35, while Junior Eric Ebeling finished in 5th with a time of 2:12:01.

New to the collegiate nationals event schedule was the Mixed-Team Relay. This race allowed teams of four athletes to participate in a mini-sprint triathlon. Each athlete completed a 250m swim, 6k bike, and 1.6k run. However, the first athlete swam 275m, biked 6k, and ran 1.6k.  Leigh Dodd, Thom Ward, Annette Mitchell, and Charlie Sisk represented the Buffs under the team name Tri in the Buff. They completed the course in a time of 1:47:48.

The University of Colorado Triathlon team is a student run club sports team for both men and women. Created in 1993, the team has won 13 collegiate national championships through USA Triathlon (USAT), most recently in 2010, 2011, and 2012. With over 100 due paying members, potluck dinners, summer ultimate Frisbee games, team hikes, and volunteer adventures the team is more than just a team; it is a family.

For more information contact: Jesse Frank CU Triathlon Team Marketing and Fundraising Officer at or 248-840-4264. To learn more about the CU Triathlon Team check out our website at

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Buffs Fall to Rams in Double Overtime

DENVER, Colo. (04/21/2012)  – The No. 9 University of Colorado men’s lacrosse team fell 11-10 to No. 4 Colorado State University in double overtime at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Saturday night.

Riley Seidel, Mitch Erickson, Harrison Mallen, Riley Kulm, Tyler Doughrety and Greg Kelsic all scored for the Buffaloes, while Doughrety, Jace Gan and Alex Puldy picked up the assists.

The first quarter began with the Buffs being held in neutral territory by the Rams as both teams fought for the first goal of the game. The Buffaloes struck first, when Seidel challenged the Rams goaltender and snuck the ball into the back of the net. Colorado continued to fight through the quarter as Erickson scored on a fast breakaway with nine seconds left on the clock. 

The Buffaloes began the second quarter strong, scoring in the first 52 seconds when midfielder Mallen rolled the crease and put the ball in the back of the net, increasing the Buffaloes lead to 3-0. With 7:20 remaining in the quarter the Buffs gave up their first goal of the contest to the Rams, but Colorado was not ready to surrender just yet. Less than two minutes later, Kulm was found in front of the net and scored a goal for the Buffs. With 57 seconds left in the first half, the Rams were able to find the back of the cage, tightening the Buffs lead to 4-2.

The Rams began the second half hungry for a fast goal, pressuring Colorado’s defense and scoring six seconds into the third quarter. After losing possession for several minutes, the Buffaloes were able to recoup and challenge the Rams offense, regaining control of the game. With 7:45 left in the quarter Doughrety put the ball past the Rams goaltender. Thirty seconds later, the Buffs put the ball in the back of the net to push Colorado’s lead to 6-3, but the Rams were still fighting back. With 5:02 on the clock CSU was able to weave through the Buffaloes defense and score their fourth goal of the contest. The back and forth play continued when Dougherty found the ball at the top of the crease to answer Colorado State with another goal for CU. The Buffs continued their offensive push, scoring only 15 seconds later when Gan found Seidel for another Colorado goal, ending the quarter with an 8-4 lead for the Buffs.  

The Rams wasted no time in the fourth quarter finding their way through the Colorado defense and scoring their fifth goal. Only 1:56 later Puldy found Kulm in the box who drove the ball into the back of the net for the Buffaloes. The Rams continued their attempt to gain control of the game, driving a goal in with 6:50 on the clock. The Buffs attempted to cling to their momentum, when Mullen found Seidel in the box scoring on an empty CSU net, but the Rams continued their offensive assault. With 2:30 remaining in the fourth, the Rams were able to find the back of the net three more times to bring Colorado’s lead to one. With the final seconds ticking off the clock Colorado State was able to tie the game at 10-10 and send the contest into a sudden death over time.

Both teams were able to hold strong through the first over time. However, with 2:19 remaining in the second over time, the Rams break past Colorado’s defense to complete their comeback, defeating the Buffaloes 11-10.

“We didn’t finish tonight. We had too many missed opportunities and bad coaching decisions,” said head coach John Galvin. “We’ve also had a problem with faceoffs all year, we’re pretty inconsistent. We’ll have good games and bad games, but losing faceoffs especially in overtime is hard to come back from.”

Next, the Buffaloes will head to the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference playoffs in Grand Junction, Colo. from May 4th-5th.

Scoring Summary
First Quarter
6:46 CU Riley Seidel
:09 CU Mitch Erickson
Second Quarter
14:08 CU Harrison Mallen
7:20 CSU Austin Fisher
5:34 CU Riley Kulm, assisted by Tyler Doughrety
:57 CSU Sean Smith
Third Quarter
            14:54 CSU Dan Warfield
7:45 CU Tyler Doughrety (12th goal)
7:15CU Greg Kelsic
            5:02 CSU Kacy Carter
4:48 CU Tyler Doughrety (13)
4:33 CU Riley Siedel, assisted by Jace Gan
Fourth Quarter
            13:00 CSU Mike Wolf, assisted by Tim Taggart
11:04 CU Riley Kulm, assisted by Alex Puldy
            6:50 CSU Zack Arthur
6:18 CU Riley Kulm
            5:26 CSU Kacy Carter
4:03 CSU Kacy Carter
2:54 CSU Sean Smith, assisted by Kacy Carter
:39 CSU Austin Fisher, assisted by Mike Wolff
First Overtime
Second Overtime
2:19 CSU Sean Smith


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Buffaloes Get Ready to Go Head-to-Head With Rams at Sky Sox

BOULDER, Colo.(04/18/2012) - The University of Colorado Baseball team gets ready to take on the Colorado State University Ram’s in their fight for a spot at regionals at Sky Sox Stadium on Saturday.

"After a hard-fought series against CSU last weekend, we are now in a tight battle to make the playoffs,” said Captain Ben Fuchs. “We are second in our conference and have eight games left to close the gap and get into regionals.”  

Tickets to the game start at $10 and can be purchased at Every ticket includes admission to any Sky Sox game during May, Thursdays through Sundays.

“This weekend versus CSU is make or break for our season. We know these are must win games for us,” said outfielder Ryan Hylbak. “We played them tight two weekends ago and must do the same this weekend. We are right in it but just need to finish all games and play the full 7 innings."

The first pitch of the contest will be thrown at 1:05 p.m. at Security Services Field in Colorado Springs, home of the Sky Sox.

“If we continue to play well we will have a great shot at receiving our first postseason bid in four years,” said Fuchs. “This weekend at Sky Sox Stadium will determine how far our team will make it.”

For more information on the team and details about the game visit:

CU Men’s Lacrosse Prepares to Face CSU in Rocky Mountain Showdown

BOULDER, Colo. - The No.9 University of Colorado Men’s Lacrosse team is preparing to face off against the No. 4 Colorado State University Rams at 6 p.m. on April 21st at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

 The Buffaloes have had a history of a fierce rivalry with the Rams, contributing to their dismal 8-1 record against CSU going into the contest.

Colorado is looking to rewrite the story this upcoming Saturday against the Rams. The Buffs are currently 7-5 this season and are hoping their pivotal wins against Brigham Young University and Arizona State University will give them the confidence they need to beat out the Rams this Saturday.

“I’m really excited to play CSU next weekend, this will be my first time playing them in the regular season and I think it’s going to be a great game and a battle for sure,” said freshman Jace Gan “As long as we play our game I think we'll come on top with the win”

For the seniors this is their last regular season chance to face off against the Rams and they are determined to make it count.

“I'm really excited about our upcoming game against CSU. As a fourth year senior I am one of the few people on the team who has beat CSU during my time here and I would really enjoy beating them in my last regular season game,” said senior Ryan Emerson. “Our conference is always one of the best in the nation so the CU vs. CSU game is always very important as we get close to the post season and it has definitely been a game we have been looking forward to all year long.”

This season has had a lot of ups and downs for the young team. Junior Alex Puldy provides some insight to where the team is at, going into this important game.

“The only thing different from this game and previous games is that we play our rivals to the north. Besides that, it's another game against a top tier team. They always show up to play and play very physical and fast paced lacrosse,” said Puldy. “Our team has grown tremendously throughout the course of the season and playing CSU will truly give us the opportunity to see the culmination of all our hard work we've put in since last fall.

The Rams are 10-2, one of those losses to BYU whom Colorado won against on April 5th. The only other loss CSU has faced was to Cal Poly, whom Colorado has yet to play. The Buffs recent shift into a top ten ranking has given this game more importance than it already held.

“This is the biggest game of the year; we all knew that before the season had even begun. We are really starting to hit our stride and dictate our style of play in games,” said junior Casey Bush. “The team learned how to be the underdog in the BYU game and we should be able to bring that same hardnosed mentality to CSU. If we play our game we will really be a force to reckon with. 

This is the last game of the Buffs regular season before the RMLC Playoffs in Grand Junction, Colo. May 4th-5th. Tickets are available for $10 through There is also a ticket plus bus ride combo available to students also through

Sunday, April 15, 2012

CU Comes Out On Top 7-5, Beating Utah

BOULDER, Colo. (04/15/2012) - The University of Colorado Men’s Lacrosse team competed against the University of Utah, winning 7-5. The win put Colorado’s record at seven win’s and five losses.

On Thursday, April 5 Colorado had an impressive 11-9 win against the No. 3 Bringham Young University.

CU players Alex Puldy, Riley Seidel, Riley Kulm and Jace Gan scored pulling Colorado into the lead against Utah. Mitch Erickson and Greg Kelsic picked up the assists.

The game began slowly for CU with Utah taking possession and preceding to score the first goal of the contest. As Colorado stole the ball back, Puldy hit the back of the net with help from teammate, Erickson. Keeping the competition tight, Utah scored an additional goal, putting them back in the lead. Colorado’s Ryan Emerson received a penalty for the Buffs, putting them man down for one-minute. Seidel didn’t give up but preceded to score a goal for Colorado in the last 3:09 of the first, tying up the game 2-2.

Going into the second quarter, Utah won possession off of the faceoff. CU forced the turnover and took ownership of the ball. Kulm scored his first goal of the game putting Colorado in the lead, 3-2. Kulm and Hayden McClain received penalties, putting CU at a disadvantage for one-minute. After the penalties were released Utah hit the back of the net, tying up the game 3-3. Utah received their first penalty of the game putting CU man up for 30 seconds. Seidel took advantage of the power play opportunity and scored his second goal of the game. Utah scored right after, once again tying up the game. Utah received their second penalty and put Colorado man up for two-minutes. Gan scored his first goal of the game with 0:39 seconds remaining in the half. The first half ended with CU in the lead, 5-4.

The third period started with 58 seconds left on Utah’s penalty. Just as the penalty was released Seidel scored an impressive third goal in the contest keeping CU in the lead, 6-4. There was only one goal in the third quarter and no penalties. The period ended with a score of 6-4, CU at an advantage.

The final stanza of the game started off with a goal from Utah. The away team also received a penalty putting CU man up for 30 seconds. Ryan Haines had an incomplete shot for CU trying to score off of the power play. Seidel received the fourth penalty for CU putting them at a disadvantage for 30 seconds. During the 30 second power play Gan scored the final goal of the game with 3:58 seconds left on the clock. The game ended with a CU victory, 7-5.

“I thought Saturday nights game went well given the fact that we ran our offense differently then we normally do. When we scored, it was a testament to our coaching staff that they give us the tools we need to be successful,” said Gan, who scored two goals in the contest against Utah. “I scored my goals by calling for the ball, knowing that Kelsic would find me and pass the ball to me.”

“Despite winning the game, I think we played at the same level of intensity as Utah. We should have surpassed them and won by a larger margin than just two goals,” said Kulm, who scored one goal in the game. “My teammates made my goal easier for me by drawing the Utah defense to the opposite side leaving me a one on one from the backside of the goal.”

CU looks forward to the last game of the regular season against Colorado State University on April 21, located at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

“Looking ahead to the game against CSU I think we are confident with our 2-0 start in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference,” said Kulm. “We also know how much our team has improved since our game against them in the fall season when we lost, 5-2.”

Scoring Summary
First Period
            13:33 Utah – Mack Schwoebel, unassisted
8:16 CU – Alex Puldy, assisted by Mitch Erickson
            7:35 Utah – Mack Schwoebel, unassisted
3:09 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted
Second Period
11:04 CU – Riley Kulm, unassisted
            7:20 Utah – Tyler Kunz, unassisted
6:49 CU – Riley Seidel, assisted by Greg Kelsic
            5:20 Utah – Quinn Kane, unassisted
0:39 CU – Jace Gan, assisted by Greg Kelsic
Third Period
8:17 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted
Fourth Period
            14:06 Utah – Patrick Griffin, unassisted
3:58 CU – Jace Gan, assisted by Greg Kelsic

Shots On Goal
CU – 29
Utah – 28

Power Plays
0 - out of - 4 Utah
3 – out of – 3 CU