Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Racquetball Host Successful In-House Tournament

BOULDER (9/13/10) – The Colorado Buffaloes racquetball team competed in an in-house tournament over the weekend with 27 participants showing up and competing in beginner, intermediate and advanced round-robin style play.

"I host this tournament at the beginning of every semester to accomplish three things: 1) everyone gets to meet everyone else, 2) collect dues and paper work so they can play, and 3) I find out who's interested in competing against other schools and rank players," said CU Racquetball coach Jeff Jungk.

With only four courts to play on, a modified scoring system was used in order to give everyone a chance to compete. In the end it was much like a tie-breaker game in a tournament with players needing to win one game in order to move on.

Currently there are close to 40 members in the club and in order to give everyone court time, Jungk has created a racquetball challenge ladder on the team’s website so players can compete against each other outside of practice.

The Buffs' next competition will be an intercollegiate tournament on Sept. 25 in Colorado Springs. Nationals will be held on April 6-9 in Tempe, Ariz.

CU Racquetball website:  http://www.colorado.edu/StudentGroups/rbclub/?DB_OEM_ID=600