Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CU Men’s Lacrosse falls in MCLA First Round

GREENVILLE, S.C. (05/16/12) - The University of Colorado men’s lacrosse team shocked the lacrosse community with an eighth seed bid to the MCLA National Championship. The Buffs traveled to Greenville to take on the ninth seed Michigan State Spartans. The game ended with a final score of 7-8 and brings the Buffs record for the season to 7-7.

The Buffs began the game with a three goal lead right off the bat with goals by Matt White, Riley Seidel, and Harrison Mallon; Mallon’s goal assisted by Seidel. Colorado held onto this solid lead throughout the first quarter with their defense only allowing nine shots on goal. The Buffs had a penalty for pushing with 17 seconds remaining in the first putting them man down going into the second.

Colorado began the second quarter man down for 14 seconds, but the Spartans were unable to capitalize. Michigan State was able to penetrate Colorado’s strong defense with 13:48 remaining in the first half. They followed up with a second goal, bringing the contest to 3-2. Colorado had an opportunity to widen the lead with a Michigan State penalty for slashing. The Buffs had three shots made during the man up, all of which were incomplete. Colorado gained possession at the end of the second with a Michigan State crease violation and the game became heated. The Buffs held the 3-2 lead going into the second half.

The Buffs went into the third quarter strong with a goal made by Seidel assisted by Tyler Doughrety. Michigan State followed up quickly with a goal bringing the contest 4-3. The Spartans had two more goals giving them a short-lived lead. Both the Buffs and the Spartans served slashing penalties in quick succession. Neither team was able to capitalize. Seidel finished off the third quarter with an unassisted goal bringing the contest 5-5.

The fourth quarter began with an impressive goal by freshman Riley Kulm. It was not unanswered however with a Michigan goal made seconds after. The game remained tied until Seidel scored his third goal of the game. The Buffs lead held until Michigan tied up the contest again with a goal made with 5:57 remaining. The Spartans broke the tie with a final goal bringing the final score 7-8.

“We had a good game, we came out not the best we have in the past. We put a lot of goals on the net, which is nice. We played solid defense, kept them out and kept us in the game. A common theme through out the season though was we just weren’t finishing in the end of the game.,” said sophomore LSM Hayden McClain.  “We have a lot of people returning next year who really know the feeling of losing in the first round which is an awful feeling so we’re going to come back with some fire next year hopefully and go further.”

For senior Buffs Marcus Alley and Danny Schatz this was their last opportunity for a run at Nationals.

“The game was definitely a blood bath. Its very surreal, very unexpected. But I’m very happy, especially with the underclassmen they all stepped up. My first feeling definitely wasn’t anger at the end of the game it was more rejoice. I was just stoked to be around everybody and be where I am,” said Schatz “My time as a Buff has just been awesome. Its been a whole other level this season and I’ve never been with a group of guys that I’ve loved more or felt more strong towards so I’ve definitely had more fun this season than I’ve ever had. This season was fucking awesome.”

“We played really well but the ball wasn’t going our way and we hit like 6 posts. I’m really proud of our guys for staying with it and sticking it out for this past season,” said senior captain Alley “After the University of Arizona game I thought our season was over, we were like 3-5 at that point, but our guys stuck with it and we made it to the National tournament. I love the guys, I love Coach Galvin, he’s the best coach I’ve ever had and I’m excited for the future for all of them.”

Scoring Summary
First Period
13:35 CU- Matt White unassisted
13:17 CU- Riley Seidel unassisted
5:19 CU- Harrison Mallon, assisted by Riley Seidel
Second Period
13:48 MSU- Josh Nemes, assisted by Spencer Martin
6:15 MSU- Patrick Green, assisted by Spencer Martin
Third Period
12:33 CU- Tyler Doughrety, assisted by Riley Seidel
12:04 MSU- Steven Degenhardt unassisted
8:58 MSU- Wes Binder unassisted
8:29 MSU- Tyler Ryan, assisted by Spencer Martin
:02 CU- Riley Seidel unassisted
Fourth Period
13:59 CU- Riley Kulm unassisted
13:41 MSU- Josh Nemes, assisted by Patrick Green
8:14 CU- Riley Seidel, assisted by Tyler Doughrety
5:57 MSU- Patrick Green, assisted by Spencer Martin
4:35 MSU- Josh Nemes unassisted

Shots on Goal
MSU - 39
CU - 32

Power Plays
CU: 0-of-2
MSU: 0-of-2