Sunday, April 15, 2012

CU Comes Out On Top 7-5, Beating Utah

BOULDER, Colo. (04/15/2012) - The University of Colorado Men’s Lacrosse team competed against the University of Utah, winning 7-5. The win put Colorado’s record at seven win’s and five losses.

On Thursday, April 5 Colorado had an impressive 11-9 win against the No. 3 Bringham Young University.

CU players Alex Puldy, Riley Seidel, Riley Kulm and Jace Gan scored pulling Colorado into the lead against Utah. Mitch Erickson and Greg Kelsic picked up the assists.

The game began slowly for CU with Utah taking possession and preceding to score the first goal of the contest. As Colorado stole the ball back, Puldy hit the back of the net with help from teammate, Erickson. Keeping the competition tight, Utah scored an additional goal, putting them back in the lead. Colorado’s Ryan Emerson received a penalty for the Buffs, putting them man down for one-minute. Seidel didn’t give up but preceded to score a goal for Colorado in the last 3:09 of the first, tying up the game 2-2.

Going into the second quarter, Utah won possession off of the faceoff. CU forced the turnover and took ownership of the ball. Kulm scored his first goal of the game putting Colorado in the lead, 3-2. Kulm and Hayden McClain received penalties, putting CU at a disadvantage for one-minute. After the penalties were released Utah hit the back of the net, tying up the game 3-3. Utah received their first penalty of the game putting CU man up for 30 seconds. Seidel took advantage of the power play opportunity and scored his second goal of the game. Utah scored right after, once again tying up the game. Utah received their second penalty and put Colorado man up for two-minutes. Gan scored his first goal of the game with 0:39 seconds remaining in the half. The first half ended with CU in the lead, 5-4.

The third period started with 58 seconds left on Utah’s penalty. Just as the penalty was released Seidel scored an impressive third goal in the contest keeping CU in the lead, 6-4. There was only one goal in the third quarter and no penalties. The period ended with a score of 6-4, CU at an advantage.

The final stanza of the game started off with a goal from Utah. The away team also received a penalty putting CU man up for 30 seconds. Ryan Haines had an incomplete shot for CU trying to score off of the power play. Seidel received the fourth penalty for CU putting them at a disadvantage for 30 seconds. During the 30 second power play Gan scored the final goal of the game with 3:58 seconds left on the clock. The game ended with a CU victory, 7-5.

“I thought Saturday nights game went well given the fact that we ran our offense differently then we normally do. When we scored, it was a testament to our coaching staff that they give us the tools we need to be successful,” said Gan, who scored two goals in the contest against Utah. “I scored my goals by calling for the ball, knowing that Kelsic would find me and pass the ball to me.”

“Despite winning the game, I think we played at the same level of intensity as Utah. We should have surpassed them and won by a larger margin than just two goals,” said Kulm, who scored one goal in the game. “My teammates made my goal easier for me by drawing the Utah defense to the opposite side leaving me a one on one from the backside of the goal.”

CU looks forward to the last game of the regular season against Colorado State University on April 21, located at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

“Looking ahead to the game against CSU I think we are confident with our 2-0 start in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference,” said Kulm. “We also know how much our team has improved since our game against them in the fall season when we lost, 5-2.”

Scoring Summary
First Period
            13:33 Utah – Mack Schwoebel, unassisted
8:16 CU – Alex Puldy, assisted by Mitch Erickson
            7:35 Utah – Mack Schwoebel, unassisted
3:09 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted
Second Period
11:04 CU – Riley Kulm, unassisted
            7:20 Utah – Tyler Kunz, unassisted
6:49 CU – Riley Seidel, assisted by Greg Kelsic
            5:20 Utah – Quinn Kane, unassisted
0:39 CU – Jace Gan, assisted by Greg Kelsic
Third Period
8:17 CU – Riley Seidel, unassisted
Fourth Period
            14:06 Utah – Patrick Griffin, unassisted
3:58 CU – Jace Gan, assisted by Greg Kelsic

Shots On Goal
CU – 29
Utah – 28

Power Plays
0 - out of - 4 Utah
3 – out of – 3 CU